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  • We are looking to upgrade railings from wood to steel, is this doable?

    Unfortunately it is not due to both materials requiring different modes of installation. The area would need to be reconstructed entirely. Additionally, if you are willing to reconstruct, you need to consider the age and condition of your home, as building codes change on a yearly basis and the change may not be suitable to current standard.

  • I have a carpeted staircase and now I want to change it to oak or hardwood. Can Airport Railings provide me this service and product?

    Yes, a carpet grade staircase can be removed and replaced with oak or hardwood stairs.  It is an intensive process and requires the use of a general contractor to coordinate several trades to remove and rebuild the existing stairs in the home.  For more detailed information, please contact us directly.

  • Can I have my white staircase stained to a different color?

    Yes, partially.  The handrail and stairs can be stripped without a problem, however other sections that are more detailed may require more sanding and labour including spindles and posts.  Many times we suggest you opt to replace them to avoid the extensive labour fees for this process.
  • We have a basement staircase that is unfinished. Can we finish it with hardwood?

    Generally, yes, they can be changed to hardwood.  However, depending on the situation you may require a general contractor to hire several trades to do replacements around and for the stairs. Due to other matters that affect the replacement of your stairs, you may need professional help that can address circumstances along the way, such as dry wall, framing, etc…
  • I have stained spindles, can they be painted white?

    Yes, that is not a problem.  For the best results they need to be primed with a special primer and then painted over top.  Contact us so that we can consult you on the particular finish. We recommend on our products, and then you may contact a finishing trade or a paint supplier to have the work done.
  • What is the height restriction for building a railing in a home?

    Building codes and laws change on a yearly basis.  We always advise our customers to consult with the Ontario Building Code website to acquire more detailed and accurate information for their specific needs.
  • I would like to change my metal or wood exterior porch railings, what other materials do you recommend?

    Our aluminum exterior railings are the most cost-effective and maintenance free solution.  They come in a wide variety of colors and styles.  Please review our catalogue and contact us for more information.
  • I prefer wrought iron railings outside around my house to match the inside, what do you recommend?

    This can be done; we recommend galvanizing and power-coating the wrought iron railings.  This will give them long lasting durability and maintenance free for many years.
  • Can we get a custom design railing inside and/or outside?

    Yes, this is what we specialize in.  Provide us with a design or drawing of your home and what you may have in mind, or we would be glad to make suggestions.  We will work with you and your architects, interior designers, builders and any other trade involved in the project to develop a custom one-of-a-kind product that will satisfy your needs.
  • What kind of stairs do you make?

    We manufacture all types of staircases from oak, pine, maple, exotic hardwoods, glass and steel.
  • How long does it take to build a staircase for my house?

    Depending on the style of stair and the quantity, the time needed for manufacturing is between two to four weeks.
  • What are your stairs made of?

    Generally the common oak staircase contains a hardwood red oak tread, a plywood veneered stringer and a veneered plywood or partial board riser. However any material can be requested and custom stairs of the highest quality.
  • How much does a stair cost?

    Please contact Marcello Spremulli at Airport Stairs to receive a quote for your specific needs and wants.
  • Who can I call to come and see my project or house and offer suggestions and quotes?

    Call Vince Spremulli at Master Woodworking or Peter Spremulli at Airport Stairs.

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